State Leadership and Skills Conference

As you know, over the past several weeks we have focused on the ever-evolving situation occurring with COVID-19 in order to assess the feasibility of hosting this year’s State Leadership and Skills Conference.  This week, Government officials issued a public order banning gatherings of groups of 50 or more people, effective immediately. Due to this ban, SkillsUSA State Leadership conference will not take place in Colorado Springs. We recognize the importance of this culminating event for our SkillsUSA members who have academically prepared themselves for the opportunity to participate in our competitive events program and state officer elections. Every step of the way, SkillsUSA advisors have dedicated countless hours to guiding and supporting our members’ educational journeys, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding this pandemic, the state of emergency in Colorado and the fact that many school districts, colleges and universities have closed for the indefinite future, and the CDC guidance, SkillsUSA State Leadership conference in its physical form, is cancelled. We are currently researching the use of a virtual platform (see link below) to determine our state winners. A final decision as to whether or not we will hold a virtual conference will be announced by April 2, 2020. Details pertaining to competitive event projects and officer selection will be emailed to chapter advisors and posted on the SkillsUSA Colorado Livebinder as soon as the decision is made. Please remain connected with SkillsUSA Colorado website and social media channels for more updates as they emerge.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support through these unprecedented times. We know all involved in SkillsUSA Colorado are doing their part to protect our communities and working together so we can keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

Please CLICK HERE regarding feedback for your participation in a virtual conference.